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Well, it appears Maxis might eventually be releasing Edith (basically the editor for the Sims, more or less), so my boycott is off. I doubt it was effective in Maxis's decision, but....

Ack! I'm an idiot! After about a years absence I had starting making paintings again. At first I couldn't remember exactly how, so I figured it out from scratch. Then I looked at my tutorial. For some really stupid reason, I had done things incorrectly in my tutorial (could have had something to do with the fact I was bedridden with pneumonia when I made it, and just a little delirious). Rather than skewing, then resizing, and seeing if it fits, simply resize first, then skew. Easier because you know the skew angle.

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Updated January 8th, 2002 (Sim Skin Workshop Program updated)

  Mostly being a page to house the paintings I've made using the Transmogrifier, as well as some other stuff.

Nicholas Poussin Gallery - Paintings by the great 17th century artist.

  Da Vinci Gallery - Paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci
Landscape Gallery - Various landscapes by various artists
  Portrait/People Gallery - Various portraits (or at least, pictures whose primary subject is people or angels or mythological critters) by various artists
  Misc Painting Gallery - Pictures that defy categorization.
Features dogs playing poker and Hieronymous Bosch
  Ancients Gallery - Ancient Art

Female Skins and Heads - Nothing terribly good. Mostly just cut and paste and recoloring jobs done on the skins/heads that came with the game.

  Male Skins and Heads - Ditto. Only this case even less exciting for the most part, as I mostly made various incarnations of me.
  More female skins (slightly better) - mostly ones I had submitted to The Sims Resource under a pseudonym
  Celebrity Skins - Not all that many, just 3. Christina Applegate, Jayne Heitmeyer, and Jessica Alba.
  Other objects I've made. Mostly lights and light related. (That's a wall light, not a frisbee or UFO.
Sim Skin Workshop - Sort of an ambitious title, but basically it's a windoze program that alters skins quickly and easily. Basically it copys and pastes regions from one skin to another, and has a few accessories like shoes built in that it will add to a skin. (Needs the VB 6.0 runtime files, which you will have if you have The Sims Edit...)

Important! Don't use Gozilla (or possibly any other download manager) to download from the 50 megs site.

It doesn't always handle downloads from this site correctly, and will result in corrupt zips (it adds some bytes to the begining)
If you can't (or don't want to) disable it,
Try my mirror at

Note - the Painting Tutorial may take a while to load if you have a dial-up modem

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Copyright Notice: As far as I know, all the paintings and artwork I've used on this page were made by long dead artists, and thus in the public domain. Other images are based on material from The Sims from Maxis/Electronic Arts. - Jeremy

Thanks: Don Hopkins for creating the Transmogrifier, which made all this possible. Brenda, for creating a lovely web site when she really didn't have the time, and everyone in the Sims newsgroups (well, almost everyone. Like everywhere else, there are a couple jerks). Not to mention Will Wright and Maxis for creating the Sims in the first place. They might be a bit weaselly in releasing Sim tools and technical infomation and playing favoritism games, but they put a lot of effort into making the game and making it customizable.